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Convert parking lots into profitable charging spots

The need

There is a need to develop a mass market for EVs by providing a cost-efficient charging solution that is profitable for both real estate and parking lot owners.

The solution

CaCharge has developed a complete system based on a unique business model that enables clients to charge electric vehicles in parking lots located at home or at work. The solution includes an AI cloud charging service, a mobile app and a charging box and uses the entire time that a vehicle is parked to efficiently distribute power between cars. As a result, many cars can be charged without expensive load peaks.

The value proposition

• Efficient: cars are charged efficiently based on user needs and available electrical power capacity.
• Profitable: a unique business model that makes the initial investment required low, and enables energy costs to be cut.
• Scalable: new stations can be easily added.
• Simple: cars are charged wherever they are parked, at home or at work.

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