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Energy storage

C2C Supercapacitor

C2C technology consists of the use of nickel and carbon electrodes embedded in a safe aqueous electrolyte, resulting in a reliable and high capacitance device.

Early stage

An alternative solution for the electric energy storage market

Wide operating temperature range (- 50º C to 50ºC). Very long operating lifetime (+ 10 years and up to 1 million cycles). Easy to install. Safer to operate (non toxic or inflammable products). Low production costs.

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The need

Starting the engine in heavy trucks is the single most demanding task for batteries. Moreover, cold weather reduces battery performance.

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The solution

The C2C supercapacitor has the ability to provide quick bursts of power and to reliably operate up to millions of charge-discharge cycles even in extremely cold weather. By replacing one battery for a C2C supercapacitor, exclusively dedicated to the start up function, trucks and buses can always start their engines even in very low temperatures or if batteries are seriously discharged.

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The value proposition

• Competitive purchasing price compared to other supercapacitors.
• Eliminates “no starts” from a “dead” battery in any temperature range.
• High reliability.
• Higher number of start attempts possible.
• Low operating and maintenance costs.

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