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BLUEMEM are carbon dioxide-selective membranes. A patented and non-toxic chemical additive confers them with a high degree of selectivity towards CO2 even at atmospheric pressure.


Clean and affordable technology for CO2 separation

Patented technology. Economically affordable. Modular. Environmentally friendly.

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The need

More CO2 is produced than any other greenhouse gas, but there is still no affordable technology to prevent its emission. What’s more, CO2 can also be found in biogas. To upgrade biogas to biomethane and inject it into gas grids, CO2 needs to be removed.

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The solution

BLUEMEM are membranes for selective CO2 separation: removal and purification. The selectivity process is high, even at atmospheric pressure, eliminating the need for a compression system and its associated costs. This is the first economically viable technology that avoids CO2 emissions; the emitted CO2 is captured, purified and returned to the market as a new product. For biogas upgrading, operation costs
can be reduced by up to 25%.

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The value proposition

• Converting CO2 from a waste product to a marketable one.
• Economically viable technology for biogas upgrading.

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