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Energy efficiency

Biomass CLS Dryer

Wet biomass cannot be transported, as such, it is thrown out. The Biomass CLS Dryer makes conversion and use of wet biomass commercially viable by saving >50% drying energy.

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Relevant markets:

Commercially viable thermal conversion and by-product use of wet biomass

Completely closed process (no gaseous emissions). Highly energy efficient, low internal energy consumption: less than 400 kWh/t water. No need for gas cleaning stage (no odors) – Few mechanical components, ATEX safe. Able to dry to high dry matter levels >90% with fibrous (fluffy) product

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The need

Wet biomass is a large and heavily diluted resource that provides no energy or nutritional value and is thus considered to be a waste product. Currently, drying processes for wet biomass consume too much energy and are too costly.

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The solution

The Biomass CLS Dryer is an efficient standalone biomass drying unit that can be used for a wide range of applications or one element of a process chain leading to the production of a highly calorific product with relevant nutrient concentrations for recycling. The product combines drying with steam gasification such as energy conversion and nutrient recovery. 

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The value proposition

• Completely closed process (no gaseous emissions).
• Highly energy efficient, saves up to 50% drying energy compared to the industry standard.
• Low internal energy consumption.
• No need for gas cleaning stage (no odours).
• Few mechanical components.

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