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Intelligent room control for your hotel

The need

Unoccupied rooms in hotels are often heated or cooled throughout the day. This leads to unnecessarily high levels of energy use, carbon emissions and phenomenal heating bills.

The solution

Betterspace offers the perfect, easy-to-install software for various areas of application in the hotel industry. The software connects to hotel software and regulates heating and air conditioning automatically, comfortably controlling light and blinds, and supporting electro mobility with an EV charger. Detection of open windows is possible without window contacts, and an overview of all integrated rooms is possible via a manager web portal.

The value proposition

• Increases guest comfort.
• Lowers carbon emissions and protects the environment.
• Reduces energy costs by up to 31 percent.
• Reduces operating costs.
• Specialised for the hotel industry.
• Wireless communication.

better.hotel: The holistic 360° solution for your intelligent hotel

better.hotel: The holistic 360° solution for your intelligent hotel

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