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The European microinverter

It allows any PV panel to be connected directly to an ordinary wall socket, safely and easily. Dual core control technology reducing failure sources. Maximum isolation from corrosion and extreme weather-40~+85°. IP68 Military grade testing operating deep under water. Complete off the box DIY PV kit.

The need

In addition to the need for low-cost PV panels, there is also a requirement to lower the costs of the distributed installed systems and the energy produced as a means of compensating for ever-increasing electricity prices.

The solution

The BeON microinverter has already proven itself a successful solution, rehabilitating the solar business in Portugal in 2015 with a self-consumption DIY model that allows people to assemble their own PV systems and use all the energy they produce.

The value proposition

• 25-year warranty: the most reliable piece of electronics commercially available.
• High quality: record of zero unit failures in 10.000 units sold.
• Lowers the cost of locally produced energy to less than half of what the electric grid operator offers.
• The only microinverter focused on a DIY solution.

Pitching sessions: BeON

The BeON Microinverter plugs in to a wall socket like a house appliance, enabling a PV system to become DIY and changing the way we think about the solar business

Pitching sessions: BeON

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The BeON microinverter: The first solar system that can be safely energize
and plug in to a common wall socket.

Commercialised by

BeOn energy R. Actriz Palmira Bastos Lt 102 — 1950-004 Lisbon https://beonenergy.com

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