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Battery diagnosis as a service

The need

Batteries degrade. Complex interactions between chemistry and exterior influences result in huge variability of EOL criteria. Manufacturers and end users are unable to determine the most economical replacement time resulting in waste of productivity, usable lifetime and material of 30bn € p.a. from 2025.

The solution

A software solution that makes degradation effects transparent and optimises the replacement schedule. Ten years of research forged into a scalable cloud platform. By utilising signals that every modern battery system provides, a vdx engine calculates stress levels, replacement times and proposes mitigation strategies, offering a lifecycle management tool for battery assets, accessible for a broad range of industries. With volytica, battery diagnostics becomes an industrial commodity

The value proposition

  • Battery diagnostics accessible for a broad range of industries.
  • Easy to integrate into existing processes and tools.
  • Minimal entry barriers and applicable to a vast range of applications.
  • By making use of our services, at least 10% usable lifetime can be extracted from one and the same battery.

Commercialised by

Volytica diagnostics GmbH Hammeraue 10, — 01157 Dresden, Germany https://www.volytica.com/