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Basquevolt SA

The safest and most competitive solid-state battery

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The need

A major roadblock in the race to phase out fossil fuels is that lithium batteries currently do not meet customers’ requirements in ensuring a complete transition in mobility and energy applications.

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The solution

A new generation of solid polymer composite and semi-solid electrolytes has resulted from a decade of research by Prof. Michel Armand, one of the fathers of modern lithium battery development. The research team led by Professor Armand has been able to improve the composite polymer electrolytes (technology he discovered in 1978) and solve the main solid-state battery challenges. This unique technology brings lithium batteries beyond the state of the art in cost, safety and energy density.

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The value proposition

  • Commitment to develop the highest quality battery materials and cells.
  • Set to make possible the mass deployment of electric transportation, stationary energy storage and advanced portable devices.
  • State of the art in terms of cost, safety and energy density.


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