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Free-floating e-cargo bike sharing for citizens and businesses

Relevant markets:

Free-floating e-cargo bike sharing for citizens and businesses

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The need

B2C: e-cargo bike ownership is expensive, few people require daily use, and urban housing zone parking space is scarce. B2B: delivery services and the market segment of heavy/bulky products lack a flexible means to access cargo bikes without having to operate their own vehicles.

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The solution

Free-floating e-cargo bike sharing for citizens as well as businesses. The service offers a way to transport goods, kids and/or groceries in a more sustainable and scalable manner, combining deep mobility know-how and operational excellence with a customer-centric approach.

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The value proposition

B2C offers:

  • Time savings and safety.
  • Money savings: ownership including use of a car, car-sharing or cargo bike would be more costly than using a shared bike when required.
  • Partnerships with retailers allow for cheap (almost free) usage of cargo bikes.
  • CO2 savings, health and wellbeing: each Avocargo ride saves, on average, 420g CO2eq (scientifically proven).

B2B offers:

  • Higher efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost savings: pay-per-use offers more transparency than monthly flat fees for bike leasing.
  • Scalability: flexible fleet adjustment.

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