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AVM 4000

AV MONITOR 4000 (AVM 4000) is an intelligent platform for online condition monitoring, failure protection and vibration-based diagnostics of machinery.


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Continuous real-time data processing. Built-in diagnostic analyses. Parallel data processing for each signal. Modular structure based on functional cards. Relay outputs for protection. High frequency simultaneous sampling.

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The need

Mechanical failures account for up to 50% of total wind turbine downtime, while a gearbox failure and its replacement may stop a turbine for up to 6 months, causing losses of a million euros or more. 

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The solution

This innovative and highly-efficient system provides precise information regarding the technical condition of drive train elements, such as bearings, shafts, gearboxes and generators, based on the advanced analysis of the vibration signals they emit. Achieving high turbine uptime while keeping maintenance costs low is fundamental to running a profitable wind energy business. 

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The value proposition

• Increased availability.
• Machinery protection against unscheduled stops.
• Optimisation of maintenance activities.
• Reduction of false alarms.

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