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Relevant markets:

Solar thermal electricity

Improved solar heliostat design at a reduced cost

Wireless communications. High efficiency. Improved control. Lower costs.

The need

Currently, solar plant solutions are restricted to the specification of traditional design and the cost of electricity still exceeds the cost of competitive energy sources. Furthermore, traditional heliostats require frequent re-calibration.

The solution

Ariostato features a closed-loop control system combined with a solar sensor. This allows for the real position of the sun to be determined without re-calibration, drastically reducing operating costs. The nature of this system decreases the distortion of the reflected image, increasing overall efficiency, providing heliostatic autonomy and resulting in power consumption being reduced to 10% that of a traditional heliostat.

The value proposition

• Highly efficient.
• Improved control.
• Lower costs.
• Wireless communications.


Commercialised by

Ari Solar Arquitectura nº1 Building 6 8-2 — 41015 Sevilla www.ari-solar.es

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