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Heat and electricity-saving wood drying solutions that produce higher quality wood faster

The need

Wood drying is the most critical activity for profitability in the wood industry. It represents a largely untapped opportunity for sawmills to increase production volumes and wood quality, while saving both heat and electricity.

The solution

Alent Dynamic is a wood drying process control system suitable for both new and existing wood drying kilns. It operates a patented drying method where the drying climate (temperature, air velocity and humidity) is alternated in cycles, dynamically adapted to the real-time measurement of the wood response. Alent Dynamic offers shorter drying times, heat / electricity savings and improved wood quality by continuously giving the wood time to rest.

The value proposition

• Increased revenues from improved wood quality.
• 10% increase of produced volumes.
• Saves 10% of heat consumption.
• Saves up to 65% of electricity.

Alent Dynamic

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