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CO2 conversion solutions to produce low carbon gas for energy and industrial use

Simple reactor architecture. - Biocatalyst self-regeneration. - Biocatalst resilience to pollutants and on-off cycle. - Output gas matching gas grid specifications (CH4 > 97%). -

The need

Renewable gases need to be upgraded in order to be injected into the gas grid. Biomethanation makes it possible to increase methane content by converting CO2, CO and H2 into methane and by achieving grid specifications.

The solution

Enosis' product is a methanation unit comprising of a reactor, which is inoculated with methanogenic microorganisms, and its control command. Enosis also provides maintenance services linked to its methanation reactor and sells specifically
developed methanogenic consortiums.

The value proposition

• Increased turnover for biogas plants.
• Low capital expense (capex).
• Low operating expense (opex).

TBB.2018 Pitchings sessions: ENOSIS

TBB.2018 Pitchings sessions: ENOSIS

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