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Intelligent power conditioning and monitoring interfaces for smart grid prosumers

Compact, lightweight architecture. Three main funcionalities: harmonics mitigation, reactive power compensation and phase current symmetrisation. Flexible software architecture allowing future algorithm improvement. OLED Display and WEB graphical user interface. Intuitive menu and broad set of measuremens available for user.

The need

Non-linear loads such as power supplies, rectifiers and some light sources commonly used in both industrial and residential installation can produce a high level of harmonics and other potentially harmful distortions.

The solution

APF-100 is a compact, low voltage, power electronics solution designed to improve selected power quality factors, mostly caused by a non-linear loads in the electrical power grids. The device is able to dynamically compensate for higher harmonics, power factor and decrease current and energy consumption.

The value proposition

• Energy efficiency improvement, energy saving.
• Increasing lifespan of many electronics devices and safety.
• Increasing the reliability of industrial processes.
• Simple operation and maintenance.

Intelligent Power Conditioning and Monitoring Interfaces for Smart Grid Prosumers

The aim of the project is to develop three products intended to improve the conditions for the supply of electricity and the integration of distributed energy sources with supply network. The objective of ProInterface is to deliver commercially viable power electronics solutions: Active Power Filter, Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Prosumer Interface. Those solutions will gradually enable integrating energy prosumers with a power system and maintaining proper power supply conditions at the point of common coupling. The prosumer interface provides comprehensive multiple functionalities currently offered only partially by devices available on the market.

Intelligent Power Conditioning and Monitoring Interfaces for Smart Grid Prosumers


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