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A system dedicated to siloxanes and VOC removal from biogas from urban waste.

Early stage

Biogas purification and appreciation

Product adapted to biogas flow between 250 and 2000 Nm3/h. –

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The need

There is a requirement for a cost-effective solution to reduce biogas purification costs.

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The solution

Arol Energy has developed a product adapted to biogas flow of between 250 and 2000 Nm3/h. Accor is a turnkey system for biogas purification. It enables the reduction of biogas purification costs from 25% up to 60%.

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The value proposition

• One of few cost-effective solutions on the market.
• Siloxanes and volatile organic compounds (VOC) removal cost reduced by 25% to 60%.

ACCOR-Biogas purification and appreciation. By Arol Energy

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