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News, insights and events for Corporates
News, insights and events for Corporates
News, insights and events for Corporates
Event location: Online
Event date: 08.12.2020 - 08.12.2020

Webinar | Equip your workforce for the future of energy: harness the power of AI

Watch the recording of this webinar from 8 December 2020 and discover how the power of AI can help you future-proof your organisation’s talent amidst massive innovation in the energy sector. 

Why this webinar?

More than one-third of professionals in the energy sector claim their company does not regularly invest in training and development, according to the 2020 Global Energy Talent Index report. Furthermore, opportunity for career progression is the primary reason – above pay – for employees choosing to stay or switch jobs. In a sector driven by innovation, where skills gaps are opening up in a matter of months, employees need continuous learning to stay relevant and engaged.


How can you retain your top talent and keep your workforce optimally trained in the face of constant innovation?

What to expect?

We discuss the increasing need for talent nurturing in an industry at the forefront of change. You’ll learn about some of the trends that will have a direct impact on your recruitment and retention strategies.


You’ll also discover how the power of artificial intelligence, harnessed by a comprehensive talent management tool SkillCharge Enterprise – can help you pinpoint skills gaps across your organisation, identify skills trends in the energy sector, and provide tailored training recommendations for your employees.


We also talk about common challenges when managing talent in this rapidly evolving climate, where staying ahead of trends is vital for company success.

Why watch?

  • Hear from EIT InnoEnergy Education Director, Frank Gielen, on the need for talent nurturing in our innovation-driven society and the changing professional realities in the industry.
  • Learn how projects such as the EU Green Deal and the Just Transition Fund will have on industry employment.
  • Find out from EIT InnoEnergy AI expert, Yves Peirsman, how artificial intelligence can help support the emerging challenges for team leads and HR professionals in the face of unprecedented industry change.
  • See SkillCharge Enterprise in action and discover how you can build tailored professional development pathways for each employee based on automated skills analysis and future skill trends.