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Date of publication: 2020.07.24

Stage Builder TBB2020

InnoEnergy seeks to secure the services of a stand builder company for our flagship event The Business Booster 2020.

The event is taking place at hub27 Berlin on 4-5 November 2020. InnoEnergy is looking for a professional stand building company to support this event not only by building all modular/shell scheme booths but also a company which supplies all required furniture, takes care of printing booth designs and signage, setting up all electrical connections as well as gathers all necessary documents for a health and safety inspector. In a nutshell, we are looking for a trustful partner to execute a successful event.

Deadline for submission proposals: 2020-05-08
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -
Clarification session (if applicable): -
For further information, please contact:
Please submit proposals to:
Intended date of notification: 2020-05-20
Closing tender: 2020-06-01
As we only work under the terms as stated in our own conditions, can the proposed conditions be changed?
EIT InnoEnergy works to reach a mutual agreement when signing contracts with suppliers. Please submit your proposed conditions together with the offer and our legal team will review the conditions.
Can the set up time be prolonged?
EIT InnoEnergy isn’t able to arrange longer set up time, as the venue is booked for dates as stated in the RFP. Please note these times may change. After accepting the offer we can, in consultation with the supplier, inquire about longer hours during the set up day.
Our company can only provide booth building / stage building services, but not both. Can we still apply if we don’t offer both services?
Yes. The Request for Proposals is divided into LOT N°1 and LOT N°2, which means that companies can send proposals either for both, or only for one type of services. LOT N°1 and LOT N°2 will be evaluated separately.
What is EIT InnoEnergy looking for in LOT N°1?
If a company is preparing an offer for LOT N°1, please provide solutions for points I-IX listed under LOT N°1 (IX being optional), explained in detail in pages 04-07 of the Request for Proposal.
Do you require any vinyl branding on the walls of the exhibition booths, and/or the counters?
Yes, the booths will be branded. EIT InnoEnergy will provide all artwork. The counters can be branded, but it is not mandatory. Please see an example of 2019 branded booths here –
Does hub27 provide electrical services for the booth so the booth builder just needs to bring the fixtures and fittings (like power sockets, lighting, etc.)? Can hub27 ensure 3kW electricity per booth?
Yes, the venue provides electrical installations so that the customer can connect directly. On request, the venue can also carry out the distribution of cables/sockets. A customer can book 3,3 kw for the booth. There are also other offers for the electricity. You will find all of these on page 23 in the Annex 5 (Guest Organizer Service).
Do you require two EIT InnoEnergy booths as seen in Annex 1 floor plan?
No, the Annex 1 floor plan is a sketch and we only need one EIT InnoEnergy booth as per dimensions stated in the RFP.
Please provide information regarding the estimated height of the EIT InnoEnergy booth.
In 2019, EIT InnoEnergy booth was 2m40cm high. Please refer to Annex 6 (hub27’s Technical guidelines), but other than that, we encourage imagination and innovative design.
Do you require any built-in (lockable) storage space inside of the InnoEnergy booth?
It is desirable, but not mandatory.
Shall we use self-standing truss towers or hanging truss for the essential lights? Is there any internal restrictions in hub27?
We don’t have preferences on one version over the other. Feel free to submit design which you believe looks good and is in line with the RFP. Please refer to hub27’s guidelines for more information on building restrictions.
Do we separate the lounge area of EIT InnoEnergy booth with walls or plants?
Use of plants and creating a connected and open space is encouraged.
Can we rent fork-lift from the venue?
Yes. You will find all information on page 59 in Annex 5 (Guest Organizer Service).
Could you please ask the venue to provide CAD file (.dwg) about the event hall and floor plan with the hanging points?
Please see attached Annex 4 (CAD Floor plan)
Please clarify the exact required dimensions of the high tables for Product display area. What kind of material or device would you like to place on them? How many power outlets per table will be needed?
Regular high-tables are fine. We do not know yet what products will be displayed, but you can take a look at last year’s product display area for inspiration – gallery. Please provide two power outlets per table.
I would like to kindly ask you, to share branding guidelines.
Please see EIT InnoEnergy branding guidelines here – Please see approved images here –, here – and here –
Do you require any camera recording or would you like to display any live camera image on the main screens during the event?
We are interested to see a design proposal with live camera image on the main screens, but this is not mandatory.
Do you require any installation or AV for the Gala Dinner event?
No, we do not.
Do you require AV equipment in the breakout rooms?
No, we do not.
What is the size of photographs which will be displayed in the Photo Contest Area? Do you require one spotlight for each picture?
Photographs will be printed in 100 cm x 80 cm format and need to be displayed in eye level. There will be either 30 or 90 photos displayed, please provide pricing for both options. It would be good to have spotlights, but not mandatory.