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Date of publication: 2020.09.30

PR services

PR services for EIT InnoEnergy corporate and regional activities. 

Deadline for submission proposals: 2020-03-18
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -
Clarification session (if applicable): 2020-03-13
For further information, please contact:
Please submit proposals to:
Intended date of notification: 2020-03-24
Closing tender: 2020-03-31
We’re a U.S.-based agency, are you open to working with U.S. agencies?
The chosen agency must be able to work to European Central Time and be willing to meet us for our quarterly marketing meetings when we require you to do so – travel costs will be covered by the agency, not EIT InnoEnergy.
Is there a preferred budget range for this project?
We are not able to publicly disclose this information. Rather, we ask respondents to give us an idea of what the budget should be in terms of our brief.
Who will be the point of contact at InnoEnergy?
The main point of contact will be the Marketing Director and Corporate Communications Manager. There is a need for the regional marketers (in each of the listed countries) to have contact with a local PR expert within their region on a fortnightly basis.
Can you assign any weight or priority to the regional PR efforts?
All regions have equal priority, naturally at times there will be more weight assigned to different regions depending on the initiatives that are taking place during any given week.
Would it be possible to provide us with some more insights on the PR activities that have been conducted to date?
The majority of our PR work includes: press releases to promote thought leaders, innovations and events; media tours designed to build relationships with key press and our regional CEOs; and writing and distributing white papers/reports to drum up interest in our business, all with the aim to raise the brand profile for InnoEnergy, our events and the innovations we support. Our recent press releases can be found here:
Are you looking to work with a native English team that covers all markets, or can we get operational/on-the-ground teams in place in all markets?
We require a combination of both. Our corporate language is British English, therefore it is crucial that there is a central team overseeing any Pan European or global press releases. This team is also responsible for ensuring that the positioning of our company is consistent right across the board. We also have press releases and the like going out in local languages, and need on the ground support in each region to ensure we understand the local media landscape.
Can we also already provide input/a proposal for additional/integrated marketing support, next to PR support, or is this out of scope for now?
We are always looking for creative ways to expand our coverage, so if this ties in with PR then we would be happy to receive it.
When would the partnership/collaboration be a success for you when we look back in six months’ time?
Apart from the standard measurement of coverage in tier one publications, success can be achieved daily in the attitude we bring to our work and how we choose to collaborate and tackle challenges. For us, we are always looking to improve in everything we do.