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Date of publication: 2020.09.30

Data Science Learning Platform

InnoEnergy is looking for a performant Data Science Learning Platform that will allow us to deliver hands-on Data Science / DataOps trainings to different categories of learners (Engineers, Analysts, Managers, Generalists…).
The Platform should become an integrative part of EIT InnoEnergy’s ecosystem and seamlessly integrate with our existing ecosystem of products, tools, and services.

Deadline for submission proposals: 2020-08-28
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -
Clarification session (if applicable): 2020-08-12
For further information, please contact:;
Please submit proposals to:;
Intended date of notification: 2020-09-11
Closing tender: 2020-09-18
In section 3.3.1, along with the clean user interface, a request for a semantic search on content is made. This is quite a broad specification and we were wondering if you would be able to get into more detail about this requirement. Is this a search on title, teacher/professor, institution? Or is also a search on the actual content/code of the exercises?
If “semantic search on content” is not a feature already available on your platform, please consider that a simpler “lexical search on course metadata” (such as name, teacher/professor, institution, keyword, target learner, etc.) is enough to fulfil this requirement.
In section 3.3.1 there is a mention of group projects and the ability of students working together. Is there a requirement for individual tracking of students in these projects?
At minima, a group of learners/students should be able to work (write code) on a shared notebook using their own account (i.e. they don’t have to use a separate user account specific to the shared notebook). Ideally, yes, there will be a need for an additional functionality like in Github, where you can track which student has made what changes. Please note that this requirement belongs to the “nice to have” section of this tender, so it is not an essential requirement to have this feature available in the short-term on your platform
Section talks about communication regarding maintenance windows. It also mentions that instructional materials need to be updated during these maintenance windows. Are we correct in understanding that teaching staff are not allowed to add new and update existing course materials during normal operating time?
“Adding new and updating existing course materials” (further described under “course management system” in section 3.3.1) is an essential feature that must be accessible during normal operating time of your platform. In the section, the “instructional materials” is not related to course materials. It refers to the technical documentation of the platform, that must be updated during the maintenance window, if relevant (e.g. when new or significantly modified functionalities are deployed).