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Work with us
Work with us
Date of publication: 2020.07.24

Business Development Assessments 2020

Strategy, business development and execution for the buildup of the mobility and mobility related industry ecosystem of InnoEnergy.

Deadline for submission proposals: 2020-05-18
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): 2020-05-21
Clarification session (if applicable): -
For further information, please contact:
Please submit proposals to:
Intended date of notification: 2020-05-25
Closing tender: 2020-06-01
You write that submitted questions will be published. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on your website. Could you send me the link?
The Q&A section to an RFP is only visible if we receive any questions. Once Q&A are published, the respective section appears on the website and tenderers are notified.
InnoEnergy itself seems to have a large network. Therefore, I am wondering what InnoEnergy lacks, so that you are looking for an external service provider?
We are looking to strengthen our network, in the area of mobility and in the DACH region. For this, a strong network within this area will be prioritized.
The kick-off should take place in June 2020 and the final work to be completed by September 2020. How much budget does InnoEnergy roughly plan for the project so that the scope can be better estimated?
We are not able to provide the budget, but recommend that for the Scope of Work(s) you provide a base offer, then offer additional ‘works’ that could be included depending on the final budget allotted.
How many partners does InnoEnergy expect to gain through the service?
The focus is rather on quality of partners, rather than on quantity. And, together the idea would be to create a list, then prioritize which partners would be the best fit and could allow for the most impactful partnership moving forward.
How many startups do you expect to be on the short-list for investments?
The focus for the short-list of start-ups is again about quality, rather than quantity. But, a list of 10 for both lighthouse topics could be reasonable.
We have German-speaking people in the team, however we wonder if you rather want a local actor (based in Germany) ?
Yes, a local team would be preferred.
The requirement to answer is very short (less than 10 days from publication), this doesn’t give us enough time to dig your requirement and build a proposal ?
We have extended the deadline fort he submission of proposals for 3 (three) days. The new deadline is now Thursday, 21 May 2020.