W´wave with its Concentrated Wind Power solution crowned as winning startup at Cleantech Camp

W´wave and its “Wind Energy Sail”: A small idea won big at Cleantech Camp 2018.

Winnowave (a.k.a. W´wave), producer of “Wind Energy Sail”, was crowned on 28 June as the winning start-up at InnoEnergy’s Cleantech Camp, an entrepreneurship support programme in the field of clean energy with the aim of transforming projects into business realities.

Wwave´s team during the award ceremony.










The competition yesterday saw six finalists pitch their businesses to judges on-stage. The award ceremony was held at Barcelona Activa and the decision was the result of a deliberation process assessed by a jury made up of experts and investors from the clean energy sector.

W´wave, registered in Spain in 2017, provides wind farm owners with an innovative solution: Concentrated Wind Power. This concept materialises cost-efficient structures that optimise wind conditions in a wind energy production site, which expectedly results in a production increase from 5 to 30% with its cost of energy decreasing as low as 20% below the cost of energy of the original wind farm. By coming at the first place W´wave has received 20.000 euros and will receive support for the growth and consolidation of the project with non-monetary contributions, valued at 10.000 euros.

Second in the competition was Recircula Solutions and its product RecySmart, a container device that interacts with citizens and generates big data which claims to be the only product in the market able to increase packaging recycling by 15% and generate big data in order to comply with the new European legislation. The creators have been prize-winning with the sum of 10.000 euros, as well as 6.000 euros in non-monetary contributions.

Third was Klug, receiving a prize of 5.000 euros and complementary services valued of 4.000 euros. Their product, with the same name of “Klug”, offers the only plug-and-play solution to convert your current electric tank into a smart one, efficient and wifi-connected.  According to its creator, it´s like Google´s “Chromecast” for your electric water tank, provide the cheapest and quickest way to provide “peak shaving” services for utilities, solving one of renewable problems.

Promoted by InnoEnergy, Barcelona Activa, Camara de Lisboa, and sponsored by Gas Natural Fenosa, this year the initiative Cleantech Camp attracted a huge number of promising and innovative clean energy start-ups looking to acquire necessary knowledge, skills, financing, and international project visibility.


All the winners with the attendess and members of the jury.


Mikel Lasa, CEO of InnoEnergy Iberia, gave warmly congratulations not only to the winners but also all the participants of the Cleantech Camp: “The entrepreneurial journey is long, but we expect it not to finish here, but to continue in the long term” he told the participants at the start of the final ceremony.

One more year, Cleantch camp has boosted the energy development across the Iberia region, supporting promising startups that will shape the energy landscape of Europe.