Welcome Meeting Sessions for KIC students held in Lisbon & Barcelona

As part of our Master School programme´s 2015 kick off, KIC InnoEnergy held two welcome sessions to its students in Lisbon and Barcelona, on last 11 & 17 September, respectively. In Portugal, the event took place at the Instituto Superior Técnico -IST-. It ran during the morning and it was attended by 54 students, the IST vice president, Luís Miguel Silveira, five professors, three members of the IST international team, two members of KIC InnoEnergy Lisbon and one KIC InnoEnergy´s student representative.

After the speeches introducing KIC InnoEnergy´s structure, the business model and several helpful information for the students, the last part of the event was led by the mentor Yuri Figueiredo; Portuguese IST student who volunteered to help new foreign students.

In the Barcelona event, it was held at the Impact Hub in Barcelona. Iberia CEO, Mikel Lasa, opened the session talking about one of the main features of the company: its diversity, one key aspect for all KIC InnoEnergy´s stakeholders. Then, KIC InnoEnergy Iberia education director, Josep Bordonau, explained the skills this master will provide to the students and their value in the industry market.


KIC InnoEnergy Iberia Marketing and Communication Officer, Rafael Marín, invited the students to join the ambassadors programme, an initiative in which the students travel to their Alma mater to spread the word about the Master with other fellow students.  KIC InnoEnergy Iberia Business Creation Manager, Judith Cruixent, spoke later about the BCS department and how their services help entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a real start-up.

Claudio Geyken, KIC InnoEnergy community officer, and two MSc RENE students, Federica Carnicelli and Saad Salem, joined the session to talk about their collaboration with the company. We also counted with a special guest, Tecnoturbines CEO, Jaime Lledó, who shared an innovative view about his life as an the entrepreneur. Both events were closed with an informal networking session.

Welcome to you all, KIC InnoEnergy students!