Webinar on Nuclear energy: present and future

Do you want to broaden your knowledge in the sustainable energy field and the challenges that nuclear industry has to face in the future? This webinar is a good opportunity to do so!

Prof. Javier Dies
Professor Javier Dies, an expert in Nuclear Engineering will present a good overview of the current situation of nuclear energy worldwide:

  • Number of reactors in operation
  • Number of reactors under construction
  • Number of reactors ordered or planned
  • Number of reactors proposed
  • Nuclear power plants generation II, III and IV

After that, he will open a debate about:

  • Fuel resources for nuclear energy?
  • Economy of nuclear energy?
  • and any other topic that you would like to arise!

The webinar will take place on Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 from 12.00-13.00 (CET). Join and ask your questions via the KIC InnoEnergy Youtube Channel.

This webinar will be a teaser of what you can expect to study at the MSc EMINE whose uniqueness lies in the involvement of its industrial partners. Check this programme that broadens the scope of traditional nuclear education!

Questions or comments? Please send them to: webinars@kic-innoenergy.com

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