Webinar on March 18th – Using Big Data to steer energy efficiency efforts

The eighth Master School Webinar will take place on March 18th 14:00 CET. The topic of the day is “Big Data” and the ability to combine and analyse huge amounts of varied information. This exciting field presents great opportunities to work on challenges related to sustainable energy. This webinar will present some examples of what is possible.

Bram van der Heijde is a graduated from MSc Energy for Smart Cities. He wrote his master thesis “Big Data Analytics towards a Retrofitting Plan for the City of Stockholm”at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. This thesis received the Vattenfall Energy Award together with two other contributions from KIC InnoEnergy.

This webinar will take Bram´s thesis as the starting point and discuss some of these topics:
• What is Big Data and what can we use it for?
• The applied example of his thesis: using big data from the Stockholm District heating system to steer energy efficiency efforts
• How did I end up with this topic and how was the thesis writing? How was it to write a thesis?
• How did it influence my career choice?

Date and time: March 18 2015, 14:00 (CET)
Location: KIC InnoEnergy YouTube Channel
Questions or comments? Please post them on the KIC InnoEnergy YouTube Channel during the webinar or send them to: webinars@kic-innoenergy.com