Water is life, water is… LaVie! A second CES innovation award for French start-up Solable


InnoEnergy France supported start-up Solable develops low-cost and cost-effective ecological solutions for heating and water. In 2016, Solable was awarded a CES innovation award for LaDouche, their water heater that recovers the heat from wastewater and injects it back into the shower unit that produced it. In Fall 2017, Solable’s second solution, LaVie, was also awarded a CES innovation award.

LaVie is a device which turns tap water into pure mineral water, without filter or add-on product. It is made of a wooden box, containing a one-litre glass bottle. The box integrates a UVA lighting device which treats water through a process inspired by nature. The patented technology, advanced oxidation by homolytic rupture, removes chlorine, traces of pesticides and medicines while preserving all minerals. You get clean water, which tastes good and is good for your health. The quality is comparable to the mineral water we can buy in bottles. With LaVie, we don’t need anymore to carry home heavy packs of bottled water or use water filtering jug.

A huge revolution in mineral water

Thanks to its eco-design, LaVie is a sustainable technology: no filter, no consumable, therefore no waste is generated. Its lifespan is 10 years, and it has a low power consumption (1000 litres of purified water for 2€ of electricity). It is also an eco-friendly product in natural materials: a bamboo box and a borosilicate tempered glass bottle.

“People underestimate the impact plastic bottles have on the environment. We designed our product for replacing plastic water bottles with a far better solution because it is a major challenge for our Earth” says Saadi Brahmi, Solable’s CEO.


  • Every year 100 billion bottles are not recycled and dispersed in the environment. If we continue this way, in 2050, there will be more plastic bottles in the oceans than fish
  • A 1-litre mineral water bottle “costs” 23 centilitres of petroleum. Petroleum is used for producing the plastic bottle and for delivering it from the factory to the customer.
  • Plastic waste lasts between 100 to 1000 years in nature
  • Filtering jugs seem to be a good way to purify tap water, yet they are unable to eliminate some toxic substances and they retain some much-needed minerals. In addition, if you don’t change your filter frequently, bacteria will develop in your filtering jug.
  • Water is also a geopolitical issue, with 2,4 billion of humans who do not have access to drinkable water, and 1,8 billion who drink unsafe water.

Solable’s corporate social responsibility has encouraged them to significantly increase their societal impact: for every LaVie solution purchased, one will be offered to an NGO.

Next step: LaVie will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on 9th January 2018, where 3.000 LaVie will be available.