Vilisto wins Handelsblatt University Innovation Challenge

InnoEnergy supported start-up vilisto knows how to deal with heat. Their energy saving solution for radiators is not only a smart and innovative solution, but also a success factor when it comes down to “heated situations”– just like in the University Innovation Challenge last Monday, where vilisto pitched their solution in a prize fighting situation against other finalists.

In order to promote innovations, the German news publishing group Handelsblatt has initiated this challenge together with Frankfurt Goethe University. The prize is awarded to start-ups from Austria, Switzerland and Germany that have either developed from a university background or whose business idea is currently still being researched at a university. On Monday evening, the finalists met in Frankfurt to face the final pitch. Together with the jury, the audience selected the five winners, and there was also a special prize.

When vilisto CEO and founder Christoph Berger entered the boxing ring, he was faced by an audience of 300 invited guests. Within three minutes, each start-up pitched their solution to the audience which then decided for each of the five categories.

vilisto CEO Christoph Berger receives the Handelsblatt University Innovation Challenge Award

vilisto CEO Christoph Berger receives the Handelsblatt University Innovation Challenge Award

Vilisto entered the ring against Breeze Technologies in the category “Future Living” and in the end, the result was very close, but vilisto’s solution ultimately was awarded as winner. The benefits of their smart, self-learning radiator thermostats for offices do not only help to save money but also protect the environment, because they regulate the temperature depending on how rooms are used over time – with proven savings of more than 32%.

Winning the Handelsblatt University Innovation Challenge surely is another important step on their way to establishing a commercially successful solution and InnoEnergy is proud to support innovations like these.


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