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We want to inspire people to redefine the way of living towards a more self-sustained and natural lifestyle! We developed the WOHNWAGON as a flagship project that offers completely self-sustained living with its own water filtration, energy production and heating. We sell not only the Wohnwagon itself but also the separate autarky modules on our Web platform and offer planning and consulting to implement those ideas in other areas.

The need

The way we live and the way our homes are built have a massive impact on our climate. Most people are aware of the problem that we use too many resources and build too big, but they lack an inspiring, tangible and doable alternative. We want to change that!

The solution

We offer inspirational projects that show how awesome and easy it is to live in a more sustainable way. But it doesn’t stop there! On our web platform we offer the know-how, products and tools needed to really implement those ideas and bring them to life.

The value proposition

The Wohnwagon is the first fully selfsustained living unit. It has a closed water circulation system, energy production and storage, heating and a bio-toilet.
But Wohnwagon is not only a product, it´s a concept for living, a lifestyle, a tool for change – and we are selling the solutions for this way of living at our webpage.

Of course there are companies who sell solar- or watertreatmentsystems – but nobody else can deliver a similar integrated solution in self sufficient housing.

The team

Theresa & Christian im Grünen kl
Theresa Steininger
CEO & Co-Founder
Master of Arts in Business, founded her first company at the age of 21 (agency for communication and design), background in marketing, project management and communication

Christian Frantal
planning & innovation
founder of “Pimp my Home” (craft enterprise, background in planning & project development), more than 20 years entrepreneurial experience

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