Wattsun Pop-Up Power


Wattsun provides green pop-up power for off-the-grid situations

The start-up

Wattsun is developing a unique power supply, which makes renewable energy available in outdoor and off-the-grid situations. This means an alternative for classic fossil fuel power generators. Wattsun’s users-friendly modular system delivers power with the touch of a button.

The need

In off-the-grid situations it is common to use fuel generators as a power supply. These generators typically have low energy efficiency, emit vast amounts of CO2 smell and noise, and they come with a lot of handling costs for installation and maintenance.

The most obvious need for energy at events are sound and lighting equipment. There are also a lot of stand alone situations, such as first-aids and promo booths, cash and tickets registers, communication and Wi-Fi spots. On a second plan, an extra power supply can support last-minute changes,  and provide energy in extra-ordinary locations. Besides that there is a fast growing request for the use of sustainable energy at events.

The solution

Wattsun's sustainable power supply unit for events.

Wattsun’s sustainable power supply unit for events

Wattsun provides a robust, easy to use and sustainable off-grid power supply called Pop-Up Power, that can be charged with renewale energy. This means no emissions (CO2 NOx, smell or noise).

Value Proposition

  • Pop-Up Power
  • Mobile and flexible capacity
  • Cost-effective compared to ‘traditional solutions’ like generators
  • User-friendly



Greenhouse IPKW
Westervoortsedijk 73
6827 AV Arnhem

The Team

Sit & Heat Paul SchurinkPaul Schurink,Founder and CTO Master of Business in Energy Systems.





Olieslagers_Koen_WattsunKoen Olieslagers, Founder and CEO
Bachelor of Engineering.