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Creation of a web-based application for energy monitoring  through a system of awareness and control.

The start-up

Watch-E is a web-based application (MyEnergyBundle) where housing corporations, building companies and other relevant stakeholders get the needed insights to maintain a sustainable energy housing project. The main focus of MyEnergyBundle is the energy neutral market. Housing corporations that invest in sustainable homes in the social housing market typically make arrangements with their residents about comfort level and energy consumption. With MyEnergyBundle both parties have insight in the most important parameters and the agreed energy bundle at a fixed monthly fee.

The need

In the targeted markets there is a need to strictly monitor several energy parameters for a long-term period. The companies need this insight to guarantee the sustainability of the house and the proper working of the building related installations.

The solution

Watch-E’s MyEnergybundle

Watch-E’s MyEnergybundle

Watch-E’s MyEnergybundle provides insight into all energy parameters for both residents and managers of the sustainable housing project.




Value proposition

  • opprtunity for housing corporations and builders to manage their portfolio
  • opprtunity for residents to get personalised insight in their energy use
  • extra encouragement by setting targets
  • monitoring and displaying all relevant data like  electricity production and usage, water and gas consumption, temparatures and tips and tricks
  • user friendly application


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The Team

Watch-E Barbera VanderHoekBarbera van der Hoek
extensive experience in several assignments on strategy, sustainability and energy projects within BClimate. WWF, NUON , Greenpeace, BECO Milieuadvies (E&Y)