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vilisto offers an energy saving solution for radiator heated office buildings enabling savings of up to 40% of heating costs. The AI-based proprietary technology uses self-learning algorithms and integrated presence detection to turn off heating when users are not detected and reduces energy use by anticipating user behaviour based on past room occupancy. vilisto additionally utilises collected data to offer services providing added value for building management.

The need

Inefficient energy consumption has become a major issue for companies. Employees often use energy inefficiently as the cost is borne by the company creating a classic “free-rider problem”. This issue creates a huge potential for energy and cost savings as offices are being continuously heated even when they are not being used up to 80% of the time.

The solution

Fully automated self-learning heating technology offers a new solution. vilisto allows companies to effortlessly achieve the highest energy consumption savings available on the market without requiring a change in user behaviour or manual programming. This is achieved using an AI-based radiator thermostat with integrated presence detection which learns and anticipates user behaviour to control heating usage automatically.

The value proposition

The solution works fully automated from the very first beginning without programming of a static heating calendar or the need of an app. By this, it solves the free-rider problem in office spaces and saves up to 40% of heating energy. Additionally, digital facility services, such as room climate monitoring and workplace management, allow for further operational cost reductions.

The team


Berger, Christoph
Master’s Degree in Energy Systems (Mechanical Engineering), Christoph Berger has strong insight in recent scientific research studying at TUHH and UC Berkeley in algorithms, control theory and heating systems..


Stehnken, Lasse
Master’s Degree in Automotive Software Engineering, Lasse Stehnken developed highly valuable skills on hardware and software development in Germany and Thailand.


Brase, Christian
Master’s Degree in Economics, Christian Brase gained important skills and experiences in economics, business development and sales in his studies and subsequent work as Business Developer and Head of Sales.

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