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vilisto makes saving energy easy and comfortable. With our self-learning smart radiator thermostat ovis, we offer a solution that increases living comfort while saving energy without any effort. The heating control is fully automated and neither requires manual control, nor an app to work. Through presence sensors the thermostats learn when the rooms are used to adjust the room temperatures accordingly.

The need

Most energy being used in households is for heating purposes. Reducing this amount requires complex settings, apps, additional hardware while not exploiting the full energy savings potential. We need affordable solutions saving energy effortlessly.

The solution

ovis runs fully automated because of self-learning algorithms taking data from the presence sensors and weather data into account. Offering a compact solution without external devices makes it a subtle and easy to install solution.

The value proposition

ovis is the only self-learning radiator thermostat which does not need any external devices. Because of that, we can offer a compact product design which allows for the shortest payback period on the market while significantly increasing the living comfort for its users. By design it is easy to use and install, doesn’t necessarily need an app to work and keeps all data save at home – cloudless.

The team


Berger, Christoph
Managing Director and Product Development Manager
Master’s Degree in Energy Systems (Mechanical Engineering), Christoph Berger has strong insight in recent scientific research studying at TUHH and UC Berkeley in algorithms, control theory and heating systems.


Stehnken, Lasse
Managing Director and Hardware/Software Development Manager
Master’s Degree in Automotive Software Engineering, Lasse Stehnken developed highly valuable skills on hardware and software development in Germany and Thailand.


Brase, Christian
Managing Director, Business and Sales Development Manager
Master’s Degree in Economics, Christian Brase gained important skills and experiences in economics, business development and sales in his studies and subsequent work as Business Developer and Head of Sales.

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