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Our vision is to push the energy transition and help customers to save energy in office spaces as effortlessly as possible. Vilisto developed a unique, self-learning radiator thermostat with integrated presence detection that solves the user-investor dilemma in office spaces.

The need

Saving energy has become a major issue for companies. Most of the energy used in office buildings is for heating. While office owners are interested in savings, employees use the energy but do not profit from behavioural changes towards energy savings.

The solution

A fully automated and self-learning heating technology is the solution. While the user does not have to change his/her behaviour, the company saves on the heating bill without any effort.

The value proposition

The solution works fully automated from the very first beginning without programming of a static heating calendar or the need of an app. By this, it solves the user-investor-dilemma in office spaces and saves up to 35% of heating energy. Additional, data-based Room & Space services beyond heating control reduce further operation costs.

The team


Berger, Christoph
Master’s Degree in Energy Systems (Mechanical Engineering), Christoph Berger has strong insight in recent scientific research studying at TUHH and UC Berkeley in algorithms, control theory and heating systems..


Stehnken, Lasse
Master’s Degree in Automotive Software Engineering, Lasse Stehnken developed highly valuable skills on hardware and software development in Germany and Thailand.


Brase, Christian
Master’s Degree in Economics, Christian Brase gained important skills and experiences in economics, business development and sales in his studies and subsequent work as Business Developer and Head of Sales.

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