Attractive, easy to program and smart online thermostat.

The start-up

ThermoSmart is sleek and user-friendly smart Wi-Fi thermostat. It is very easy to operate, both at home and remotly anytime, anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer. The product is independent of energy suppliers and boiler manufacturers. Privacy is highly valued, in addition there is no monthly fee nor subscription. The consumption data is, of course, properly secured.

The need

75% of Dutch homeowners heat their houses when they are not at home. This is simply because they don’t understand their thermostat and find it a hassle to program.  Additionally, most thermostats have a bad interaction design and are aesthetically unappealing.

The solution

Thermostat and mobile user interface

ThermoSmart Thermostat and mobile user interface

Thermosmart’s solution is an easy to program and good looking thermostat. With hassle-free programming, consumers can easily save up to 20% on their heating bills. With the appeal of a gadget, people will use it more often and even find it fun.

Value proposition

  • ThermoSmart in its box

    ThermoSmart in its box

    intuitive and super easy with an Outlook/Google-style drag and drop user interface

  • attractive design
  • helps to save up to 20% on heating costs
  • open innovation: public API, IFTTT channel
  • privacy guaranteed
  • compatible with:
    • all OpenTherm and on/off central heating boilers, heating and district heating can be operated from every computer, laptop or tablet, iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones
    • IFTTT, public API


The Team

Team ThermoSmart

Thermostat Team

  • David Durman  – Co-Founder, CTO
    Software and back-end
  • Elmar Jongerius – Co-Founder, CTO
    Hard- and firmware
  • Kodjo Kouwenhoven, – Co-Founder, CDO
    (Interaction) design, service
  • Niels Mathlener – CMO