Supported start-ups

InnoEnergy, through the Highway® services, supports the following start-ups:

AmbiBox GmbH

AmbiBox GmbH develops power electronics and software for energy systems in buildings and for industrial use. The team, with a profound knowledge in these areas,...

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ColdShift provides security, intelligence and flexibility in managing the electricity consumption of supermarket refrigeration systems. The venture ColdShift has developed a controller for supermarket refrigeration systems...

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DCbrain is a Big Data solution dedicated to exploitation and maintenance issues of complex industrial networks (such as gas, water, electricity, logistic,…). We are now...

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MUST PLAN® is a collaborative decision SaaS (software as a service) that helps electricity decision-makers plan the investments on mutualised storage systems to meet the...

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Smart sensor solutions for the optimisation of the electric grid. The Venture Eneida® develops and delivers especially designed, low cost, low power and robust wireless...

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Expektra logo


Expektra develops innovative information solutions that improves the physical electricity trading by optimizing the matching of supply and demand, resulting in more efficient energy systems...

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