Supported start-ups

InnoEnergy, through the Highway® services, supports the following start-ups:

AgroNergy logo


Agronergy provides heating services to buildings; the heat is produced from recycling agricultural left-over, mainly cereals. We target medium-size customers like collective housing, schools, office blocks…...

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Aplicaciones Renovables Integradas SL (Ari Solar)

A new design for solar heliostats allowing to reduce the cost of energy production. The Venture ARI Solar is a design engineering company that helps...

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Cysalys Technologies

CYSALYS designs green and smart power products and features aimed at mobile operators in emerging countries, in order to help them reduce their operational costs....

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Deltalys develops, commercialises and operates eco-efficient solutions for renewable gas treatment. Solutions include: improved processes, dedicated digital solutions and an innovative business approach that enables...

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