Supported start-ups

InnoEnergy, through the Highway® services, supports the following start-ups:

Cascade Drives

Cascade Drives has developed electromechanical linear drives that use a compact and efficient cascade gearbox to provide high performance linear motion. Linear motion is a...

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Cereus Technology

Novel Fuel Injection Technology for Internal Combustion Engines The Venture Cereus Technology provides fuel injection technology, referred to as HICI, that improves the combustion process...

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Composite Dynamics GmbH

Composite Dynamics develops, produces and sells sports and business boats with an integrated active hydrodynamic foil system. This is designed as a combination of an...

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Ebike Lite

Ebike Lite (EBL) develops Gboost, a small and ultra-light electric kit (motor + battery) for bicycles, which allows users to switch from a pedal to...

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Ecotropy provides a complete solution to analyse energy performance and optimise the energy retrofit of buildings. We are developing innovative software that combines measurements from...

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Energiency is a French cloud software start-up that develops disruptive energy big data analytics solutions for industry. The idea behind Energiency is to provide industrial...

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