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The first product which Tegeos has created is a Scanning Thermoelectric Microprobe (STM) designed for characterization of homogeneity of thermoelectric properties of semiconducting and metallic materials, resistance of electrical junctions and interconnectors as well as for analysis of correlation between microstructural properties and specific local electronic properties of materials.

The need

The market lacks specialised equipment for use by companies that produce semiconductor materials for the energy industry.

The solution

Tegeos has developed a Scanning Rhermoelectric Microprobe (STM) that will significantly improve the quality and accuracy of measuring the thermoelectric properties of materials. The device can be used for the advanced characterisation of materials used for the production of:
• Fuel cells (SOFC; MCFC; PEMFC, etc)
• Electromechanical bateries (Li-ion, NiH, etc)
• Photovoltaic cells
• Thermoelectric generators TEG
• Thermoelectric heat pumps

Value proposition

STM contains the following unique features which make it competitive:
• Improved accuracy and resolution (both spatial and electrical).
• Analysis precision: Optical microscope that is equipped with a digital camera, which enables the precise probe positioning and analysis of the correlation between microstructural images and maps of thermoelectric parameters.
• Probe tips made of a special alloy of precious metals with heightened hardness and very low Seebeck coefficiency.
• Precise, switched current source, generating a very wide range of DC and AC currents.
• Multimodal: Two measurement modes (analysis of Seebeck coefficiency, analysis of resistivity).
• Stability: High quality temperature control system that reduces noise and increases the accuracy of analysis of local thermoelectric properties.
• Integrated solution: Advanced software for statistical analysis and the production of measurement results.

The team

Prof. Krzysztof Wojciechowski
Team Leader
Professor at AGH University of Science and Technology. Member of a number of Polish and international scientific societies and the co-author of 122 publications and 2 patents.

Jan Kaczmarczyk


Email: wojciech@agh.edu.pl or jan.kaczmarczyk@tegeos.eu