Integrated energy storage and production solutions for buildings and eco-districts that wish to secure energy supplies with local and renewable sources.

Sylfen offers the Smart Energy Hub, a solution that combines batteries, for their fast switching capabilities, with an innovation: a reversible electrolyser, capable of storing energy in the form of hydrogen and rendering it, when needed, in the form of heat and electricity. Thanks to its software (modelling of building and the Smart Energy Hub) as well as to the adaptability of its product, Sylfen can render any zero energy building autonomous in terms of energy consumption.

The need

Although capable of using buildings to produce energy, there are still uncertainties regarding the security of the total energy supply required. Batteries alone cannot provide sufficient autonomy and an additional technological solution is needed.

The solution

Sylfen combines batteries with a reversible technology, acting firstly as an electrolyser to store energy in the form of hydrogen, and secondly as a fuel cell to produce heat and electricity from stored hydrogen or from biogas.

The value proposition

Sylfen offers an optimum combination in associating batteries and a breakthrough technology: the reversible electrolyser. This innovation is protected by 22 patents and allows for a compact hydrogen chain with low costs and high efficiency. Moreover, Sylfen’s development is oriented to serve the construction market with a highly modular product that is, thanks to its modelling tools, fully integrated, as well as optimised to each configuration.

The team

Nicolas Bardi
President and co-founder of the company.
20 years experience in the energy sector fulfilling strategic functions, including team and programme management.

Caroline Rozain
Product innovation and co-founder of the company.
An expert in electrochemistry: electrolysis engineering doctorate, batteries.

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