Compact Solar

A small, modular system that can harvest solar energy from flat roofs.

The start-up

Compact Solar is a small light-weight solar cell modular system, especially developed for use on flat roofs and smaller surfaces. It enables more solar energy to be harvested in the built environments and urban areas.

The system allows every available flat roof surface to be used for the generation of solar power. Because of its low height, the system is invisible to passers-by, and can even be installed on monuments.

The need

The existing built environment has only limited space for solar panels and non-shaded areas are rare. Furthermore, currently used systems are complex, quite large and heavy, making them difficult for consumers to apply on small roofs. For flat roofs, no solutions exist.

The solution

The Compact Solar system is composed of several small modules of a few solar cells each. These are connected to form a full energy production system. Thanks to the modular design, any roof surface can be used to its fullest extent. Each module contains the necessary internal wiring and an energy conversion and optimisation unit, reducing the negative effects of shading on the system. Each module works separately of the others.

Value proposition

  • Suitable for every available flat roof surface, small or big, strong or weak:
    • Small-size modules
    • Light-weight
  • Less sensitive to shading than regular systems.
    Each module contains:

    • necessary internal wiring
    • energy conversion & optimisation unit
  • Quick and cheap manufacturing
  • Overlapping structure to create one single windproof system
  • Low height to make it invisible to passers-by
  • Easy to install and maintain


Compact Solar
Hartweg 5
3762 SB Soest

The Team

Soft Energy - Floris BruningFloris Bruning – CEO
Very experienced in the application of present solar technologies and the creation of viable business cases in the Dutch market, including detailed knowledge of the ever changing Dutch energy legislation.