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Stimergy redefines the datacentre as a distributed collection of computing units interconnected by optical networks. Each unit, denominated a “digital furnace”, integrates several high performance servers as its heat source.
Our data furnaces are deployed within the secured technical rooms of buildings, where they deliver their heat to hot water distribution pipes. Our modular datafurnaces are installed in numbers that makes it possible to cover from 30 to 60% of the hot water energy needs of a residential building.

The need

In Europe alone, in order to run digital services such as social media, numerical simulation, web hosting and cloud applications, datacentres consume as much energy as that of an entire country the size of The Netherlands – and consumption is set to double by 2020.

The solution

product_stimergyStimergy recycles all the energy consumed by its datacentres, making our digital world energy neutral.

The value proposition

Stimergy  sells an energy-efficient solution that provides the heat generated by our servers for free. Their customers benefit from this free heat for hot water production all year long, which can significantly decrease their energy bill. It represents a 60% saving on the first energy consumption post of new residential buildings.

The team

Christophe Perron-StimergyChristophe Perron
Founder and President

Sound experience in semiconductor component energy management, IT system administration and project management, he has been working for 4 years in innovative start-up environment interfacing its technical team.

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Case Study

Read and download our case study on Stimergy : Stimergy recycle our digital footprint



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