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Steadysun makes management of power grids and photovoltaic power plants easier, enabling its customers to reduce their operating costs by using its solar forecasting systems. Combined with meteorological models, satellite imaging and instrumentation on site, SteadySun technology generates forecasts ranging from a few minutes to a few days. Operators of photovoltaic power plants and power grid managers can therefore better predict the power generated and reduce financial or technical risks related to variable weather conditions.

The need

Solar plant operations result in higher operating and maintenance costs due to the low performance of solar cells, originated by the variable and unpredictable solar resources.

The solution

SteadySun offers solar forecasting solutions to anticipate solar resources.

The SteadySun method combines physical modelling and mathematics: artificial intelligence, expert system, fuzzy logic, image processing. Production forecasts are made by linking analysis of photovoltaic power plant data to meteorological indicators: insolation, wind, pressure, humidity, cloud cover, temperature; satellite imaging; on-site video images.

The SteadySat and SteadyEye intraday packages are based on image processing and form recognition. After retrieval of the information, learning models (artificial intelligence), linked to power plant modelling, are put in place. They are used to produce statistical analyses, then production forecasts.

The value proposition

Steadysun offers single and combined services to predict solar production taking into account specific national regulations and energy mix. Our service modules cover three different time horizons from few minutes to several days.

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