SolAngel Energy AB

Solar PV Panel Smart Box for safety, security and enhanced performance

Solar PV Panels’ roof installation is one step towards sustainability. Owing to the high DC voltage (around 600-1000 V) on roofs, there is an increased risk of individuals, especially fire fighters, working in emergency situations, receiving an electric shock. SolAngel is a device that can make this environment safe. It can also monitor solar panel operation and increase its efficiency. Solar panel operation can be monitored and controlled through a mobile app and webpage that can be connected to the building’s control unit as well as to the SOS/alarm system of the fire department.

The need

The DC voltage in rooftop mounted PV panels can reach levels of up to 1000 V. In emergency situations, and in cases of faulty wiring, individuals, especially firefighters, can be exposed to dangerous levels of electricity. A further issue we address is the widespread theft of rooftop PV panels.

The solution

The SolAngel product enables solar panels to be disconnected from each other in an emergency situation automatically or at the request of the owner or of fire fighters.

The value proposition

Our solution cuts off the voltage at the panel level, which eliminates the risk of electrocution by reducing the voltage to a maximum of 50 V. Our solution is also more economical than other comparative solutions, such as optimisers or micro-inverters, which mostly compete in the new installations sector. Other features that will be incorporated, since they add little to no cost on the hardware, are an anti-theft function and panel monitoring.

The team

Sara Ghaem Sigarchian

CEO, SolAngel Energy AB

A PhD candidate in Energy Technology at KTH, Sara has developed her professional career in the energy sector for 15 years, working in different positions in sales departments, project engineering and research and development.