Solable develops low-cost and cost-effective ecological solutions for heating and water.

Inspired by nature, Solable’s product, LaVie, is a device that turns tap water into pure mineral water by a process in which no filter or add-on product is required.

The need

There is a need to purify the mineral water market, removing CO2 and plastic. Pure water should be available to anyone connected to the water network.

The solution

The patented technology, in a compact natural bamboo case, enables advanced oxidation by homolytic fission, a process that removes chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, chemicals, odours and taste, but leaves minerals and trace elements untouched. The result is a better water quality than commercial mineral water.

The value proposition

  • Low energy
  • No replacements or servicing required, a lifetime of more than 10 years
  • ROI of about one year

The team


High school engineer, highly skilled in prototyping, mechanics, photovoltaic, machining.



Pascal NutiPascal Nuti

A self-made energy expert with 20 years experience, highly skilled in embedded electronics, IT, a specialist in the manufacturing industry.

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