Advanced IoT cloud solutions to monitor, diagnose and control wind turbines.

Smartive - WindTurbine

The start-up

Smartive develops IT solutions for the energy market. It provides advanced services of real-time SCADA data processing to diagnose windmills and focus on the development of low cost diagnosis systems based on cloud computing, smart devices and real-time data processing.

Smartive provides access to IT platforms allowing the supervision, monitoring, diagnosis and prognosis of the performance of wind turbines. By means of smart devices (smartphones and tablets) it provides solutions to not only improve the performance of a wind turbine but also to plan maintenance operations, as well as obtain online information about the machine and the components.

The need

At least 3% of wind turbines have production downtime due to breakdowns and maintenance problems. In some wind farms, this can affect some 10-15% of turbines and in extreme cases up to 30%.

This high number of incidents leads to global production losses of over €2.9 billion annually. That means that a standard wind farm of 50 MW of installation power and 2,100 hours of annual power production can face production losses of between €378,000 and €5 million annually.

The solution

SmartCast remotely connects SCADA and sensor data with a virtual database to monitor wind turbines. It involves algorithms currently based on SVM, cloud computing and data mining. IoT (Internet of Things) technologies have been also introduced to allow real-time online monitoring and control.

Value proposition

This innovative solution – a combination of our SmartGear and SmartCast products – allows faster detection of turbine system failures. It does so through complex algorithms that implement intelligent sensor fusion therefore optimising the performance of wind turbines. In contrast to our competitors, this does not require onsite visits as all information is provided online. Our technology is thus able to:

•   Reduce wind turbine maintenance costs by some 20%: €44 million annually in the Spanish market, €190 million per year in Europe and €440 million annually in the world market.

•   Reduce wind turbine operation costs and component replacement costs by 20%: a standard wind farm of 50 MW (16 turbines) installation power working 2,100 hours per year faces production losses of at least €378,000 annually. Our system enables 20% savings of €75,600 (€4,725 per turbine).




Gas Natural, Cobra, ENHOL, Banc Sabadell, EOLOS


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The Team

Jordi Cusidó i Roura, CEO:

Jordi holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He submitted his thesis on the study of signal processing techniques for the diagnosis of rotating electrical machines. His business background stems from postgraduate courses in negotiation, European patent law, project management, team management and business development. He has almost 10 years´ work experience and his strengths are in the management of intellectual property and business development.

David Amoros Alcaraz, CTO:

David holds a degree in Computing from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (1996) and has over 15 years´ experience in the management, definition and development of expert systems and data provision, especially in the health sector. From 2006-2012, he co-directed the company MicroArt, where he developed business intelligence systems for the clinical sector. Amongst the most relevant projects he was involved in are E-Tumour (LSHC-CT-2004-503094), HealthAgents (IST-2004-27214), DSSProstata (TSI-020302-2009-65), Hospisegur (FIT-350301-2007-15), Urgentloc (RDITSIND07-2-0112) and MADEP (IST-2004-27214).