Smalle Technologies

The start-up

Smalle Technologies works in the energy harvesting industry. The company owns technology designed to transduce mechanical energy into electrical energy through an innovative electromagnetic system design, and will commercialise a device for generating electricity from low frequency oscillations. The first applications of the device are buoys and sailboats.

The need

Due to increasing global scarcity of traditional energy sources, society is currently demanding autonomous energy systems for a wide range of applications. Buoys and sailboats need alternative energy sources to recharge their batteries in the middle of the ocean.

The solution

Smalle Technologies devices can generate clean electrical energy from the movement of the waves. Its devices are able to work at random and in low wave frequencies. They are also plug and play products, suitable for marine environments and able to resist extreme weather conditions.

Value proposition

Smalle Technologies designs and develops devices for generating electrical energy from oscillating movements. These small devices generate clean energy from movement, working independently of weather conditions 24 hours a day, are long-lasting and have an acceptable size and weight. They are also silent, and affordable.

The Team

Hector-Martin-Smalle-TecnologiesHéctor Martín

Co-founder and CEO

Degree in physics from the University of Barcelona (Spain) and Executive MBA from ESADE Business School. Héctor has broad experience in the financial industry, where he led a team of five designing financial products, modelling markets and managing investment funds for quantities of over 2M euros. He has also founded an environmental start-up. Online Profile


Miguel-J.-Aranda-Smalle-TechnologiesMiguel J. Aranda

R&D senior researcher

Degree in physics and PhD in applied physics from the University of Jaen (Spain). Miguel has a wide experience in applied physics, with more than 7 years devoted to research at universities of Granada and Jaen.                                    Online Profile



Rube¦ün-Carvallo-Smalle1Rubén Carballo

Co-founder and development

Degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Girona (Spain) and MSc in aeronautical managing from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). Rubén has worked as a project engineer in different industrial and cleantech companies. Online Profile


Carlos-Jorda¦Ç-SmalleCarlos Jordà

R&D researcher

Final year physics student of the University of Barcelona (Spain). Carlos has an outstanding academic record and he is specialising in applied physics. Online Profile