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Sit & Heat Sports

Energy efficient outdoor heating system integrated into seating cushions.

The start-up

Sit & Heat Sports develops and markets electrically heated seat cushions as well as fully integrated electrically heated seats. Sit & Heat can deliver custom-made cushions for private use, for the leisure and hospitality industry or for sports stadiums.

The need

During a sports match, spectators may wish to enjoy live sport in a stadium in a warm and comfortable way. Currently the seating areas in stadiums are heated by extremely inefficient and costly gas heaters.

The solution

Sit & Heat Seats

Sit & Heat Seats

Sit & Heat Sports has developed (plastic) heated stadium seats that are 95% more energy efficient and much more comfortable that the conventional means of using gas-powered radiation heaters.

Value proposition

When compared to traditional heating systems with gas heaters, Sit and Heat Sports seats are:

  • 95% more energy efficient.
  • more comfortable.
  • operate at considerably lower costs.
  • considerably less CO2 emissions.


Transistorweg 7
6534 AT, Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 24 343 0415

The Team

Sit & Heat Jorg RijkschroeffJorg Rijkschroeff – Founder, Business and Product Development
Education: Bachelor in Industrial Product development at HAN (NL), Kauffmann Global Entrepreneurship Program at Kauffman Foundation (USA) Entrepreneurship, HAN (NL).


Sit & Heat Paul Schurink Paul Schurink – Technical Development, Project Management, Financial Management
Experience: Bredenoord (1992-2013), Service Engineer, Logistic, Rental and New Business Manager.



Development Partner: Pezy