SCiBreak is a spin off from KTH that develops ultra-fast circuit breakers for medium and high voltage based on an innovative concept that enables the interruption of fault currents in both AC and DC grids in a few milliseconds. Standard AC breakers require tens of milliseconds, during which disturbances and equipment damage may occur. Existing DC breakers for high or medium voltage are generally very costly, and our solution comes at significantly reduced cost. Patents are pending regarding the core technology.

The need

SCiBreak’s technology allows for the rapid clearing of short-circuit faults in AC and DC power grids without disruptions and equipment damage. Fault currents are limited before dangerous levels are reached.

The solution

Like other hybrid circuit breakers, SCiBreak’s solution employs a combination of power electronics and mechanical interrupting elements. The exact details of the technology are confidential, but thanks to our circuit solution the use of expensive power semiconductors can be minimised.

Our solution is less costly compared to other hybrid circuit breakers. This is achieved by our unique technology through which the amount of power semiconductors can be reduced tenfold. These devices tend to be the most costly part of a hybrid breaker. A further advantage of our solution is that it allows for rapid reclosing so that the distortion caused by grid faults can be minimised.

The team

SCiBreak_NorrgaStaffan Norrga, Founder

Associate Professor at KTH

Dr. Staffan Norrga has been active in the field of power electronics for more than 20 years, in academia as well as in industry. He is the inventor or co-inventor of 11 granted patents and has authored or co-authored more than 60 scientific papers.




SCiBreak_ÄngquistLennart Ängquist Founder

Professor at KTH

Prof Lennart Ängquist has been active in electrical engineering for more than 40 years, first at ABB and later at KTH.