Deploying a unique, innovative turnkey solution, KUDURA enables access to clean energy – for cooking, lighting and make water drinkable – and guarantee the lowest level cost of energy and water for a given location. We create better rural lives by improving health, decreasing deforestation and carbon emissions and creating job opportunities. Our solution, KUDURA, is offered in four variants for SME businesses, rural communities, healthcare centres and schools.

The Need

Annually, 1.6M+ people die from respiratory illness caused by open-fire fuel wood and charcoal cooking, which emits over 520M tCO2. Water borne diseases cause 5M+ deaths. Lack of electricity and water has been shown to stunt improvements on education, healthcare and communication.

The Solution

KUDURA is a utility in a container, providing clean water and energy where there is none. It provides cost-effective utility access in a market characterised by a strong consumer desire to purchase quality products and services, but that lacks access in places where current strategies are not cost-effective.

Value Proposition

KUDURA is the only holistic, integrated solution of its kind in the market. We offer lower relative costs and deployment time coupled with increased scalability, usable life, ISO9000 quality and sustainability. RVE.SOL’s and our partners’ technical capabilities and access to the market enable us to quickly assess local needs and availability of usable raw material, and deploy a complete solution in weeks, rather than months.

The Team

vivian-vendeirnhoVivian Vendeirinho

Founder & Managing Director.

A pervasively positive yet pragmatic Portuguese / South African electronic engineer with a seasoned technology business development, sales and marketing resume. Proven revenue generating, sales and business management experience demonstrated in Europe, United States, Japan and developing markets like Eastern Europe and South Africa. Vivian designed the KUDURA system. He speaks 5 languages and lives in Leiria, Portugal. Online Profile


Henrique Garrido-Rve.SolHenrique Garrido

Environmental and Energy Solution Engineer.

Recently graduated as an Environmental Engineer (Masters) at the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon, he works on issues related to energy in general, especially those regarding renewable resources (specialised in integrated Energy Systems of self-sustainability) as well as on applied Environmental Sciences such as weather and climate dynamics, ecology and anthropogenic impacts on the environment.Online Profile


Mario-Rodrigues-e1314369583964Mario Rodrigues

Joint Managing Director & Partner.

Founder and owner of EST – Empresa Serviços Técnicos Lda in Boa Vista Portugal, Mario’s organisation partners with RVE.SOL to provide manufacturing services. EST develops, in partnership with their clients and providers, technical and economical solutions to satisfy daily energy and automation problems. The result of this focus and commitment is a series of long lasting partnerships with prestigious entities around the globe. Online Profile


irene-nya-abagiIrene Nyamolo Abagi

Social Impact Assessment & Rural Healthcare specialist.

Irene is a Sustainable Energy and Development enthusiast. She has experience managing solar energy projects in Kenya and Rwanda. She holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University (U.S.). As Solar Suitcase Ambassador at WE CARE Solar she helps health workers meet their lighting, communication and other energy needs. She has been a part of the team since the pilot project saw installation of the first Kudura. She speaks 4 languages and currently lives in Kenya. Online Profile


Maria Burpee-Rve SolMaria Burpee

Lead Marketing Consultant.

Having worked in the technology space for more than 15 years at Motorola, Freescale Semiconductor and Dell, Maria is a multi-channel marketer focused on integrated B2B programs that capture mindshare, deliver results & accelerate growth. Currently she is the Senior Manager for EMEA Healthcare at Dell covering over 30 countries on 3 continents. Maria is certified in Social Media and SEO and can be seen blogging and tweeting on @DellHealth and @mariaburpee. Recently she was a speaker at the B2B Marketing Summit 2013. As an American living abroad and speaking English, Spanish and Portuguese, Maria has a valuable international perspective on B2B marketing. Online Profile


BrunoLopes-RVE.SOL-teamBruno Lopes

Software Developer.

Bruno is an electrical engineer in the area of power and control, developing embedded systems with a technical focus on Renewable Energy. He is currently studying for his Masters in electrical engineering. His interest is in technologies for monitoring and power management, which increased during the completion of the final course project where he designed and developed a technical management system for his university. Online Profile


des-mc-carthy1Des Mc Carthy

Web Applications Development Lead.

Des Mc Carthy has worked in IT since the mid 1980′s. He has worked both in Ireland and abroad in UK, USA, Spain and India on a variety of IT and internet based projects. In Ireland, Des worked for RTE, the national television broadcaster, and spearheaded the development of their internet services. He has also been involved in various EU online/media projects, which took him to Israel, Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris. Online Profile