Qualifying Photovoltaics S.L.


Advanced Quality Assurance Procedure of PV plants and PhotoVoltaic Evaluation Tool

Qualifying Photovoltaics S.L. offers two different products:

  • AQAP: Advanced Quality Assurance Procedure, a field procedure that verifies, measures and analyses the main components of the installation to assure their quality and production capacity.
  • PVET, a continuous monitoring service for photovoltaic assets that optimizes the production and operating costs of photovoltaic power plants to maximize their profitability.

The Needs

PV plants are affected by lower than expected yields, which can be up to 10% of annual energy. Moreover, this entails uncertainty in performance which is linked to the conditions of financing conditions.

Current monitoring systems do not provide accurate analyzes of faults in plants (and many of them can be detected), producing large losses. In addition,  performance analyzes and diagnosis are performed manually producing a large workload.

The Solutions

  • AQAP analyzes in detail all the elements that affect the productivity of the plant and can accompany the photovoltaic project from different phases. This procedure reduces to 50% the uncertainty of the projects improving their financing conditions, increasing the Ep90 and the Ep95 by more than 5% and 7% respectively
  • PVET offers an advanced system for the detection and diagnosis of failures using big data techniques and artificial intelligence. The analysis are not limited to the individual plants but they study the photovoltaic assets as a whole reaching higher levels of optimization. This new approach allows to have a greater strategic vision of the photovoltaic assets by the clients and to be able to evaluate in a more precise way its operation.

The Value Propositions

Reduce operation uncertainty

Preventive analysis: soiling, PID, hot-spots

Detailed knowledge of your asset

Improve financing conditions

Advanced fault detection

Automatic fault diagnosis

Easy asset management

Strategic vision of your assets

The Team


Rodrigo Moretón (CEO): Ph.D. in PV. Systems simulation expertise.



 Jorge Solórzano (CTO): Ph.D. in PV. Audits and HW development expertise.




 Manuel Castillo (COO): Ph.D. in PV. Big data and AI expertise.

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