The start-up

Pro-Drone develops technologies to carry out the inspection of energy infrastructures, using cost-efficient, robust and automated airborne solutions. Pro-Drone is focused on solutions for wind turbine blade inspections, particularly offshore, and transmission lines. Pro-Drone’s approach is integrated and involves a customised hardware platform, tuning flight algorithms, specific sensors and tailored post-processing software that can streamline and automate the process.

The need

The renewable energy field in general, and wind in particular, is looking for ways to lower OPEX costs and, as a result, securing long-term margins to keep it competitive. Inspections to date have remained essentially as expensive, complex and reliant on specialist intervention as before, which gives this area a huge potential for improvement.

The solution

Pro-Drone has an integrated approach to aerial inspections, drawing from the best technologies available to provide high quality and robust reports. Pro-Drone customises the whole process, including the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV’s), the sensors they carry and the whole post-processing of the data recovered, in order to deliver unparalleled results. UAVs offer a whole new range of solutions that can make inspection operations more efficient, safe and automated.

Value proposition

Pro-Drone solution stands out for the reliability, quality and automation that it offers. By controlling and integrating the whole process, from data acquisition to report generation, it can significantly streamline the inspection process and offer a more efficient and robust technology. This translates into gains in time, quality and robustness of the services provided, offering a differentiated and effective solution to customers.

The Team

Andre¦ü-Moura-Pro-DroneAndré Moura


Degree in marine biology and oceanography from the University of Southampton (UK). André has been working in the renewable energy sector for over 6 years developing and implementing solutions to help drive down their O&M costs. He has an entrepreneurial ‘can-do’ attitude and experience in technological management and product development. Online Profile