Premium-Hydraulics GmbH

“High efficient solution for hydraulic systems, usable as pump and engine”

Premium-Hydraulics GmbH develops an own patented technology to increase the power and efficiency of hydraulic pumps and engines.

The need

There are many companies in the market which have to compromise and a high effort to run their systems or products with a conventional hydraulic machine.

Conventional hydraulic machines are to heavy or to big , or have a too low performance. So what they need is more power with a higher efficiency, in a smaller working area with less weight.

The solution

Transmission the produced power and torque, without  an extra connection rod, to a centric and on both sides bearing transmission shaft. It acts symmetric, clockwise and counterclockwise. Through that we have a overall engine efficiency above 90%.

The value proposition

We created a new generation of high torque, efficient and power density hydraulic machine, also focused on low weight and size. We have the highest engine efficiency and we are able to generate much more torque with our machines compare to our competitors. It is maintenance free and we are able to serve every customer which see high torque as a requirement. So, we solved the problem which all conventional hydraulic machines have.

With this technology many companies will have a solution for applications which were not practicable in the past.

The team

Timo Schäfer
managing director
owner Premium-Modelcars, Bachelor of Science International Industrial Management

Marc Eppler
managing director
Bachelor of Science International Industrial Management

Reginald Baum
inventor and constructor
owner TecNetwork Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH)



Premium Hydraulics GmbH
Tilsiterstr. 12
70374 Stuttgart