Plactherm Technology

Smart underfloor heating system

The start-up

Plactherm is a revolutionary smart underfloor heating system, controllable remotely, highly efficient,compatible with renewable energies, environment friendly and, most importantly, able to generate independent thermal zones. Each worker will be able to enjoy his ideal comfort temperature, with improved performance and savings of over 30% energy consumption. The system can be controlled through the cloud using an intuitive application.

The need

It has previously not been possible to create different comfort areas in a room (different zones with different temperatures). Up to now, the most common systems warm from top to bottom in contrary to the ideal method of warming. There has been no usable data to improve customer use and no form of controlling heating remotely.

The solution

We have created a tile with a resistor element and embedded sensors, an isolation layer and a structure with electronics, to achieve the first heating system that can be controlled remotely. It is highly efficient, compatible with renewable energies, has sensors and is able to create thermal zones.

Value proposition

We are creating the most comfortable, intelligent and efficient heating system. Our patented technology is disruptive and will have a big impact on the market: heat + domotics + software analysis for the highest efficiency and relevancy of information for the user, as well as for other stakeholders – while also achieving savings.


C/ María Ignacia 8, cp: 28039 Madrid – Spain


The Team

Lluc_Marti_Plactherm  Lluc Martí. CEOMultifaceted engineer with 2 MsC (Project management and Motorsport). Lluc created 2 previous start-up and COO in another. In the last 6 years has been involved in over 25 projects.
María Saleta_Nistal_Plactherm  María Saleta Nistal. Hardware EngineerElectronics engineer with MsC in automatisation of industrial process, specialised in the development of hardware/software for domotic systems. Has worked for over 8 years with domotics and inmotics.
 Pol_Suriñach_Plactherm  Pol Zuriñach. Product & Materials EngineerProduct engineer specialised in materials, CAD&CAE. Has previous experience creating a start-up and is involved in another one.
 Borja_Torán_Plactherm  Borja Torán. Informatics engineerInformatics engineer, with more than 2 years developing apps in IOS and developing software in different companies. domotics and inmotics.
 Miguel_Santos_Plactherm  Miguel Santos. Electronics EngineerIndustrial engineer specialised in electronics, with a “cum laude” and distinction grade in his degree.
 Monica_Castaño_Plactherm  Monica Castaño. CFO & Investor
 Laia_Martí_Plactherm  Laia Martí. Administrator & Energy Efficiency
 Felipe_Velasco_Plactherm Felipe Velasco. Sales & Marketing Manager
 Miriam_de Castro_Plactherm  Miriam de Castro. Communication